Aawaaj-breaking the silence

I am Biswas Khan, I was born 20 years before in Dailekh district. My mother was constantly abused by my father. She lived tolerating all the abuses, torture and insult from my  father but when it reached to the point where she could not tolerate violence any more she took shelter in her maternal home, and I was born at my maternal uncle’s place.

My mother loved my father and they married without the consent of the family, but all the hope, dreams of my mother was shattered when she was abandon from the home. Due to which it was very difficult for her to bring me up.  When I was five years of age, my mother claimed my right with father. But the patriarchy society and my rude father did not hear my mothers voice instead she was blamed for having illegal relation with other person and I was not accepted as his son. And decision was done on not to give the share of his property to my mother. Legal remedy was also not possible because of our economic condition. Also there was no one to support us, so in the desperate condition me and my mother continued to live in my maternal uncle’s home. It was difficult in my maternal uncle’s home, people talked lots of negative things about me and my mother. After getting married my mother lived in her maternal home. However, my mother even struggled a lot to bring me up and she admitted me in school when I reached 6 years of age and I started to study, get formal education. My mother managed my school fees by working as a daily labourer, she even sold woods and worked as a potter to mange all my educational expenses. This way I managed to study till grade ten. While studying in the tenth grade, the economic condition of my home was more in desperate condition. At this time Aawaaj conducted 4 days Community Support Mechanism training even I participated in the training. After completing training a group was formed. Also I was one of the members of the group and worked along with the group. By the time I worked with the group I already was informed about various issues such as domestic violence, child labour, trafficking of girls and women, human rights.  This gave me the opportunity to learn about my father’s negative behavior towards my mother and me and also got to learn about our rights.

In the community our organization used to conduct various awareness raising competitions and even I used to take part in the competition and won prizes such as copy and pencils. This indeed helped me to manage stationery for my education and also my capacity was developed. This way I participated in almost all the programs of Aawaaj also I secured good marks in my S.L.C exam. Now, I needed support from Aawaaj to get rights of me and my mother. So according to my will, I expressed my problems with the staff sisters of Aawaaj and according to their suggestion my father and his family was called in the Aawaaj for discussion. My father then realized about the rights that me and my mother should get. He stated that, “I had committed mistake and done injustice to both my wife and son. And now when, I realize my mistake and I’ am ready to share property to my wife and son.” Now he has accepted my mother and took us to home and since then we are living in a good family atmosphere.

Aawaaj is doing great work and helping lots of people like me and my mother. The emergency safe house established my Aawaaj is very effective medium in helping the problem affected people. I want to suggest Aawaaj to establish safe house in the community and not limiting to the main area “sadarmukam”. This will indeed help more other problem affected women in the community level too. Lastly, I want to thank Aawaaj for all the help and support and wish for its progress.

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