Success Stories

(All the names in the case study are changed name as per the publication rule and keeping in confidentiality of the client)

My name is Sunita. Now I am in class 11 studying management. I have 6 members in my family including me. My family economic condition was not good. Because of my family economic condition I was very week in my studies, as my parents used to go for work; I had to look after my younger brothers and sisters. There was no favorable environment for me to study despite of this I used to get good marks though. Since 2005; I regularly participated in the child friendly spaces conducted by Aawaaj. I used to study one hour every day there along with my friends, I enjoyed studying there. Slowly my study was boost up, I started to take part in many activities and program where I used to get good remarks. The facilitator of C.F.S center used to teach us dance and drama, then after I started to take part in the quiz competition and Debate competition. Not only this I had done Master of ceremony (MC) in many programs.

After this I have developed my personality a lot. I build a confidence that I can do many things for my family as well as for me. I joined C.F.S center when I was in class 6, here we used to learn drama which we demonstrate in many places, and I get pleasure from drama as I am excellent performance. Before I used to scare in taking any action but now I don’t fear, I have build my self confidence. Everything was going well, I was good in everything, good in study, used to take part in Drama actively but the economic condition of my family was very worst which the barrier for my studies was. My facilitator of C.F.S centre was well-known about my family condition. She told me to write an application for the scholarship to Aawaaj. This provided me education materials. Accordingly I applied for the Aawaaj scholarship then Aawaaj provided me with scholarship for 2 years. Because of which I was able to fully concentrate in my study in class 9 and 10 and was able to give board exam for 10 grades and clear the exam with good marks. Now a day I become facilitator to teach the children in CFS class, this has supported in my studies also. Now I am being able to do something for myself. I am proud and glad that whatever I learned from CFS. Now I am able to share that knowledge with other children of the village, I want to express my gratitude to Aawaaj which has tremendously supported to bring me in this position.

Name: Hari Bista
Address: Bindabasani- 3 Dailekh
Age: 16 years

  • Differently able children was lost and had come to district.
  • At first Hari Bista came to district, it was his first visit as he was differently able he was unknown with the place so he was been found by Dhana Shyam Thapa( A local resident) and brought in contact with Aawaaj child helpline section. It was found that the child was orphan.

Changes seen in child after visiting Aawaaj
The children’s families were unaware about his missing; his elder father and mother were contacted by the Aawaaj team and was hand over to them. Child was happy to see his parents back and wanted to go with them with whom he was previously  living

Name: Suresh Rawal
Address: Narayani Municipality-8 Simada
Age: 18 years
After the failure in  School Leaving Certificate (S.L.C) examination, the children ran away from his house

  • He had thought to commit suicide
  • After he left home he does not like to return back
  • He likes to stay alone, in isolation
  • Even his parents told him to do hard work, he deny and ran away from his home.

Changes seen after coming in contact with Aawaaj Dailekh
In the initiation of Aawaaj the parents were brought for mediation, mediator told them to withdraw their tension that is created due to their son’s failure, he will pass it next year thus, think positively and create good environment for him. After discussion with the parents and the children, the child has developed self confidence and was able to speak clearly. During the mediation he was motivated to struggle in life to archive success. And he promised to do hard work and get success in his studies next time.

Name: Sundari Bali
Address: Kalbhairab-4
Age: 16 years
As she failed School Leaving Certificate (S.L.C) examination, discussion was done with parents.

  • After parents scolded her she felt she is alone
  • Her self confidence has gone down, doesn’t like to talk, she started to feel she can’t pass the exam.
  • She thought of killing herself instead of going home.

Changes seen after coming to Aawaaj
After Aawaaj contact her parents and had mediation, the girl had little raisin up and her suicide thought has gone. Her confidence had boosted, she began to think have to study hard, one day success will come. Her Parents also developed positive thoughts that if not now, some day she can make it. At last she was told to study hard rather than engage in house hold work.

Name: Janaki Shrestha
Address: Narayani Municipality-1
Age: 16 years
Due to the Bad rumors (unwanted relationship with boys) in society the children got beaten by her mother.

  • In first phase of counseling she convey that she was blamed as being  involve in bad work  in society.
  • Due to massive torture in house her condition was terrible, she was afraid of people, if someone comes near her she does not want to face them and cry only.

Changes seen after coming to Aawaaj

  • After discussing with her parents, they realized their mistake and committed that in future they will not repeat these mistake again and at that time children was asked to forgive them for their behavior.
  • She convinced her parents saying she will concentrate on her studies now onwards.
  • She promised her parents that she will walk in right direction, after that parent also believe her and showed love and care.

Changes seen after the hard attempt of Aawaaj

  • She has accepted the society’s humiliation in positive way and has been studying well with positive feelings to change their thoughts regarding her.
  • She is well behaved in her house, she is happy now

My name is Nitu Shahi (pseudo name) and I am 25 years old now. I am from Dailekh. My childhood was full of happiness with my elder sisters, brother and parents. As my family belonged to a wealthy middle class, they never discriminated me on the basis of my gender. This was the reason that they always encouraged me to go to the schools. They used to say that there is not much difference between a boy and the girl. With their expectations, I always tried my level best to fulfill all their dreams that one day I will study hard to become a renowned person in Nepal. While I was 14 years old and used to study in class 8, my mother got sick suddenly and with immense medical efforts she could not recover and passed away.  With this I was too shocked that I could no longer concentrate on the education. I used to go to the school but slowly my energy and enthusiasm in the education was on a decline. As a result of it, I could not pass the SLC (School leaving certificate) examination. Once I failed I began to realize that I should come out of it and make this misery my strength. I thought that there are so many people who have lost their loved ones that helped me a lot to fact this reality. I strongly felt that I should not lose hope and luckily, I got in contact with the non formal education program that was going on in our village. I joined as a local facilitator in that program and was happy that I was starting my career of social work. My role was to educate the women from the women’s group. During that I learned a lot about the problems that the rural women were facing. This gave me extra energy to realize that every one faces problems and no one should run from their problems and bravely face them. I started to build my confidence and started to realize that I should also work on to face this along with the women whom I was teaching. While I was recovering from all of it, the rebels abducted me and started to physically torture me first. They also started to misbehave with me. They started to force them to make me do things which I did not like at all. While they did these things to me I badly fell ill. While I lost my senses they return me to my house. While my brother in India got this message he got back to the house. He now explained me that I was completely out of sense while he saw me then. He took me firstly to surkhet hospital then Nepal gung hospital but my condition was not under control. As this persisted he took me to Kathmandu for the treatment. While I gained my consciousness I was in the hospital of Kathmandu. I was in a deep shock. Then my brother in deep sorrow explained me all those incidents that I went through. While we were in Kathmandu, our father fell ill, and sent us the message that we should get back to the village as soon as possible. While reaching there did not help, as he passed away which was like an injury to an assault. This situation got me back to that same situation and I was forced to go to Kathmandu again for the further treatment. This time around I had to be rushed to India as doctors in Kathmandu could not help me. While we returned to our house after treatment, the sorrow of my parents’ death paralyzed me emotionally. I felt like I was almost dead in that grief that I could barely control myself. While I felt that I would have to leave dailekh to leave all these sorrows behind. With the consultation of the family I reached my relatives home in surkhet. In time around I knew about this organization named Aawaaj that provided vocational and life skills trainings to those women who have faced problems. After a regular consultation I decided that I would take a training of Marketing. I felt that this training would be appropriate to me. After three months of training on different aspects of marketing and business as a whole. I also learned a lot about other women issues like different kinds of violence on women and children. In addition to this I also learned about the preventive aspects of violence. I also learned about the different aspects of women trafficking and how to prevent trafficking by identifying possible culprits in time. In this duration I have also learned how to think positive and move forward at the same time this helped me to move forward. After successfully completing the training I instantly started my work as a market representative for K.P Pvt. Ltd.  While I worked there and started to be independent I felt glad and happy. I started to live on my own with a room mate, once I started to earn. Though it is bit difficult to stay in a rented house but it gave us an immense joy as we started to enjoy our freedom and companionship. Thought my salary was ok it gave me a lot of self confidence and self esteem at a same time. It helped me a lot to forget all my painful past. After I started to earn I have also visited home once. During that time my family and community encouraged me a lot. Then I realized that being self independent makes a great difference as I felt that suddenly people started to have a different look on me. At the same time this has also changed my thoughts and perspective while looking at different aspects of life. This gave me immense pleasure and encouragement.  

This has changed my basic concept and perspective on life as I started to collaborate and contact different other organizations and institutions during my work as a market representative. While doing so I enjoy full confidence and comfort.

While in the context of my work, I met an executive director of Birendra nagar saving and credit cooperative, which is one of the high ranked cooperative in surkhet. He liked my skills and confidence of marketing and offered me a job there. I passed both the written test and interview and started to work there.  While in all of my work and people I contact I have been informing them about the work of Aawaaj at the same time I have also been finding people in problems to refer them to Aawaaj.

Now I have a plan that I will work as a business representative, at the same time I will also work as a social representative for Aawaaj.

I was born as a first child of my parents that was the reason they always loved me in my childhood. My childhood was the most interesting time I had spent, I used to think. While I grew up, I suddenly felt so much of the responsibilities to help my parents most of the times with the household works. I used to look after all the works of the house that included looking after the cattle, the food, and the collecting the wood from the forest. These were the regular job that every girl child does in my village. Though, people thought that they should educate the girls, it was very rarely practiced. This was the reason that I could never join the school. This could be observed in over all Dalits in our village. Because of that the education level in the over all population was itself too low. At the same time, the economical status of my family was too poor that they could hardly afford me two times of meal. It was impossible to think about the education then. After insisting a lot, my father admitted me to a school. I got a late admission so when I was 14 years old when I reached class 5. This was another fact that it was really hard for me to continue my studies. As there was a tradition that earlier your daughter gets married would be better, my marriage proposals started to come while I was in class 5. As boys from the good family started to come to my home to ask for my hand, my parents started to force me to get married. I was too young to decide or even to understand what marriage actually was. In the rush or out of ignorance I got married. As I was too young I was not ready physically and psychologically to get married. That was the reason that it was hard to look after my in-laws. At another hand my husband left us to India after few months of marriage to find job in India. After going to India, he also started to visit home very rarely. In absence of my husband at home my in-laws started to allocate me too much of works and started to abuse verbally even for petty mistakes. At the same time the in-laws started to report my husband bad things about me that were not true at all. This one became the reason for the misunderstandings between my husband and me.
After that incident, my husband started to abuse me both physically and mentally. As I was really, young and the fact that my husband used to stay in India for the longer period after the marriage we had not have any child. They started to give me mental pressure that I should have children. They started to say that there was no place in the house for the women who could not have any child. My husband specially did this after abusing alcohol. After few weeks, it was like a routine for him to abuse me both physically and mentally. As I was married at the very tender age, I could never think of leaving that house. I had to compromise all that pain and suffering, as I had no place to go. After few weeks it was intolerable for me to stay at that house. I was forced to leave my house when my husband sold all my ornaments and drank alcohol. While staying at home my husband started to pressurize me to get a divorce, I did not know the actual legal procedure to get divorce. For this I agreed to do whatever the community people would tell me. This was the reason that I got divorce without taking any thing at all from my husband. After the divorce, I started to stay at my parent’s house. Though bit hard at times I started to adjust to the environment. While I was at my house I met one sister who used to work for the organization. I heard that this organization work against the violence against the women and children. This organization’s name was Aawaaj. I heard that Aawaaj also works to minimize the women trafficking and other forms of violence on the women. At the same time, I had also heard that it provides skill development training to the women who have faced extreme violence and other forms of rights violation. Along with a friend of mine, I went to visit Aawaaj. After initial consultation, we both took the training of making pickle, jam and jelly. There we spent almost 3 months. Along with that training, we received the life skill trainings that taught us different issues on the preventive, protective aspects of the violation of the rights, trafficking along with the different forms of violence. Only then I realized that the method by which we had the divorce is void in the law. This provided me the opportunity to fight for my divorce legally.

The three months, that I had spent in the hostel during the training was the most interesting time I spent in my life. While interacting about the experiences and all the sharing among the participants I almost forgot half my pains and sorrow.  After successfully completing the training along with my two friends, we left to Mehalkuna VDC where we have thought of establishing our own business. After looking at our determination Aawaaj also assured us with the initial fund that we would need to start the business. After setting up the business, we started to work really hard and the whole community started to feel good that girls have initiated some thing in the community level. After few months of the operation we have started to earn about 5000/- to 6000/- and we take only what we need and from the money left we buy the things that are essential for the business. Now as we are earning on our own, the community people have started to look at us really positively and the houses of ours that almost had abandoned us earlier had started to approach us. Aawaaj also has been regularly monitoring us by visiting us from time to time. While in the visit we feel really proud to share them our experiences, benefits and challenges. This has also provided us with the opportunities to share our expertise. During this we feel really happy and proud. They at the same time give us good feedbacks on the real need of the community market and suggest us to produce different new items. This gives us extra encouragement and willing to do new things.