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(All the names in the case study are changed name as per the publication rule and keeping in confidentiality of the client)


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Puja was born as an elder daughter of her parents at Dailekh, Raawarkot. Due to regular scolding, beating my mother was compelled to leave home and me, and got married to another person. As mother married another person and my father married another women, my step mother; my grandmother started to take care of me. After few years, her grandmother passed away. Now she was completely alone. She was deprived of love and sympathy of her father and stepmother. Her step mother used to take care of her own children only and scolding and loads of work to her step child and not permitting to go to school according to puja. In spite of getting scolding of her step mother however Puja got a chance to study up to the grade 5 in the village school. One day her step mother and father went to Surkhet (maternal home) taking their children along with them. Puja was alone at home. She used to cry alone as she could not take all the responsibilities of home at the very young age of 10. Seeing this, her uncle took her to Surkhet. Then she lived at the stepmothers’ sister’s home. That sister have 19 years old son. He used to get very close with Puja. Her step mother and stepmother’s sister started to make them to stay in a common room and get married then. That boy raped her regularly. She cried and screamed due to pain but there was no one to listen to her. Puja wife at the age of 10, and a continuous rape made her physically weak. This was heard by a women group organized in a village. They helped Puja to rescue and had their intention to make her relief from this trouble. So they took her to Aawaaj office. At first, she was medicated and a para counselor sister counseled her providing psycho social counseling. It was felt that she needs to take a session as well while taking counseling. After providing psycho socio counseling it made her feel that she did not have any fault in this incident. She started to live in Aawaaj shelter home. Then she also knew that the brother sisters like her had a same problem. Aawaaj helped her by writing an application against her early marriage and a continuous rape by not charging any fees for it. Her case was then registered to District police. The culprit has been kept into prison. Her case has been in processing. Puja has been staying at the Aawaaj’s Emergency shelter home since 3 months. One sister also stays with her and gives her regular psycho social counseling at the emergency shelter home. In the beginning, Puja did not speak to anyone, she neither smile nor feel comfortable with everyone. She used to get fear but now she greets to everyone and is conscious about hygiene.  She tells that now she knows what is Child abuse? At Present, she is studying in grade 3.She says ‘I am not affected by past problems. I am very happy, now i will continue my studies. I have committed myself to serve community in the same way the sisters of Aawaaj has done for the community.

I am Aawashana(name change), a resident of Birendranagar municipality Surkhet. I was born on 10/04/2049 in a well off family. But my mother was from a poor family and due to which she had to bear trouble and insults from other family members. One day, when I was 3 yrs old and my mother was pregnant with one of my sisters, my father remarried. Out of intolerance, my mother divorced him and came back to her maternal house to stay in. After some time, she gave birth to a girl child there. Two of my maternal uncles used to live in India. My grandmother lives with us. My mother worked hard for the lives of three of us. She worked hard for five years for our upbringing. A guy-from the eastern side married my mother when I was 8. He showered all the parental love to both of us, which we were deprived of, staying in our own house. In the course of time, my mother also went to the east leaving all three of us there. Again, my days of hardships started. I was in grade 6 then and the problem of continuing my studies overwhelm me.

But, I always loved to study more and be independent. I continued my studies with full determination in each and every situation. I used to work on Saturdays and holidays to manage stationary and even household expenses. In the course of time, I have learnt to paint houses. My life is full of struggles and troubles. My other friends used to enjoy life the way they wanted and I had to push my life further pressing numerous footsteps. I used to feel hurt to be away from friends. But I would pamper/console myself. Meanwhile, I could not manage enough money for admission at school. Anxiety engulfed me that time. Hatred emerged in my heart towards this poverty-stricken life. I used to be concerned more on not being able to continue studies even being passed out.

One-day, neighboring aunt suggested me to consult Aawaaj organization. I did the same and one madam there suggested me to drop an application for scholarship, she managed it. Then I did not have to buy books, copies bags and other stuffs for study. It helped me to a great deal. I have been managing expenses for my sister and grandmother out of the income from works I do on holidays. Nowadays, my maternal uncle has also started sending money home. All the school teachers also love and help me. I am now studying in grade 10. I have come so far because of the help from Aawaaj organization. I will never forget such a helping organization. Now, I have successfully accomplished my school leaving certificate examination also. Thank you! Aawaaj

Usha (name changed) A total of six family members, a resident of Dailekh district comprise her husband, two sons, two daughters and herself. She doesn’t have any income source. Since they own very less land, they could not even make even two ends meet unless they toiled for others in the village. As her husband was elderly and sick, she had to work hard on daily wage basis to manage the expenses for household and children’s studies.

In the course of time, she came to know of life skill training that was being conducted by Aawaaj, Dailekh in 2065 BS. She applied for it and got selected. She made active involvement in the training for an entire month and learnt skills of lunch/snacks preparation. After the training, she started the same business at Vijaya Higher Secondary School; Dullu with the financial help of Rs. 1500 from Aawaaj organization, Dailekh. She started making daily profit of RS 150 to RS.300 .likewise, slowly her family economic condition was improving, she continuously, carried her business, and in result she constructed 4 rooms, steel sharing house and provides them with good shelter.

In that phase on Baishak 16th 2067, she got Rs. 8000 from Aawaaj organization, Dailekh under re-financial assistance program for the ones who were successful in conducting lunch/snacks business in 2067/01/06 BS. She has been making more income by enlarging the business due to ever rising motivation of enhancing business. Besides income generation out of the financial assistance, timely trainings including life skill development, business oriented development rights of the women has increased personal development capability of segregating good and bad. Family members and neighbors have started perceiving her respectfully. Her involvement in social institutions has also increased and she is the chairperson of local Janakalyan Aama Samuha of Dullu 6 at present. She is   been saving Rs 50 each in three groups. She conducted her business laboriously which has helped her live her life on my own these days. She earns around Rs 300 to 400 daily. She had already returned the loan to the organization which she had taken while starting her business. She owns 3 goats and a four-roomed house now. She is    been managing the expenses for children’s studies, household ones and savings in three different women groups out of the income from my business. She can never forget Aawaaj organization for the efforts it made for taking her to this point since beginning. Thanks!

Bhim Bahadur and Bhavisara Nepali are husband and wife, they are the resident of Satakhani V.D.C. Bhim Bahadur used to beat his wife constantly without any reason, Bhavisara couldn’t say or express any comments about her husband’s relatives. Even if she mistakenly expressed some comments about her husband’s relatives then she used to get beating from her husband and at times his violence resulted severe injury. After the villagers got informed that she was severely injured by her husband they reported her condition to the men’s group.  Immediately after the information was shared the president and the three members from the group went to her house to discuss on the matters. Both the husband and wife were included in the discussion. Initially Bhavisara’s husband was very angry and was not ready to listen to the members of the men’s group. He commented that the outsiders has no right to interfere in their personal matter, also he stated that he has right to do anything to his wife.

He was counseled by the members of the men’s group and was made to express his problem and his family’s problem. He was informed about women’s right and also the punishable act defined by law in case of violence against women. He was reminded that if he commits any such acts in future then he will be liable to be punished by law or either will be expelled from the community. After discussion and counseling he realized his mistake and felt guilty, he committed not to repeat the mistake again in future. Now, his family is living happily and his family’s environment is also peaceful. He thanked the member of men’s group for showing him the positive way and for helping him change positively. Members’ form the men’s group is going for follow up regularly in his home.