Success Stories

(All the names in the case study are changed name as per the publication rule and keeping in confidentiality of the client)

Early childhood development

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In the initial days in ECD Dipesh used to cry in the each interval of time. Litter anywhere and he did not want to have Tiffin as well. He feared when he saw new faces and also fears with toys, and remains silent while taking attendance. Now, he comes happily in ECD Centre. He wears slipper while going to toilet. He takes his Tiffin in a proper way. He is very friendly and washes her hand before and after the Tiffin. He says actively “Yes” and say bye bye to everyone while returning to while calling her name for the attendance and say bye bye to everyone while returning to home.

His mother express, in earlier days he used to cry while coming to ECD centre but I feel he has changed a lot as he is very happy to go to ECD and I am happy to see positive change in him. He has become very obedient. Now, I can work with no worries. I feel proud to have my child in this ECD Centre.

Prachi used to cry and keep quiet; she used to speak only with her mother. She used to fear with toys also refused to go to toilet. She came very dirty and refused to take tiffin too. She used to fight with her friend during sleeping time.

But now, she comes happily at the ECD and is very friendly. She washes and soaks her hand before and after Tiffin and goes to toilet by putting on slippers by herself. She dances when cassette and madal is played. She also draws the pictures she likes when she is given paper and pencil.

Her mother expresses, I kept my child here as she is very small and I have to work at others house. She refused to come here in the beginning days but now she is very happy to come here. This centre has really made convenient for mother like us who has to go out to work to make living.

I was born in the middle class family in the village, where people perceived that a girl should get married as soon as possible. This was the reason that I left my studies while I was in grade 7 as my parents started to think about my marriage. I have then heard that a girl should only get married when she is independent so I resisted my marriage to some extent. However, it did not help me and I was married while I was in class 7 and 15 years of age.  For a year, I was happy as my family members as well as my husband used to like me a lot. Though I had to work a lot, their love used to make me forget everything that came around. However, the things did not remain a same for a long time, my husband used to work in India. While he went to India, I went along with him. After a year, I gave birth to a baby son and then his behavior started to change. He started to abuse alcohol and started to abuse me physically. There was no limit on verbal abuse. The torture started to get to its extreme limit as I was admitted to a hospital after a fearsome beating for about 5 times regularly by my husband. I was married for 10 years but the happiness for me that lasted a year.

The torture was so heavy that I feared for my life then I decided that I would return to my own house rather than staying with my husband. Then, I had two sons and along with the eight stitches on my head, I returned to my own house. While staying at my house I felt as ease and comfortable however, he did not left me alone that easily. After 10 days, he came to my house and started to abuse me physically. Then, I started to feel that it would have been better to have a divorce than to continue relation ship with him. I told my parents about everything that had happened between my husband and me. I told them all the abuses that he does. My parents also suggested that it is better to have a divorce than to continue that abusive relationship. I decided that I would take care of the two children that I have. I went to the district court and filed a case of divorce. I started to stay with my parents for couple of weeks and then my husband came to me and started to request to take out the divorce that I have filed. He pretended that he has corrected all his behaviors and gave me a false promise that he will not repeat any thing that he use to do in the past days. For his entire request, I felt pity on him. As it was also not that easy to stay at my home as I was married and had two children.  We went to the court, dismissed the case and had an agreement finally.

For 6 months of that incident, I had a peace at my house however, after 6 months the situation went back to its worst condition. My husband again started to abuse me both verbally and physically. The torture again started to cross its limit. I was very confused on what I could do as I have already taken out the divorce case. Then, I felt and wished that he will some day change and did nothing. I returned to my own house and I started a small business. It was a vendor shop. I used to have a hard time supporting my children with a less income that I could manage then. I was doing my best to feed my children and my husband again started to come to the vendor shop where he used to torture me. It was too much for me and I finally decided that I will no longer stay with him.

With the decision that I will finally have a divorce, I went to Aawaaj. The counselor at the Aawaaj listened to all my stories and gave me good advice regarding the positive and negative effects of the divorce. She suggested that even if, I do not stay with my husband, I could claim the property. I decided that I will no longer stay with my husband again. I even told them that I have an economic problem. I came to know that Aawaaj also assist women like me to write and file the divorce application in the court. As part of it, they helped me to forward my case. They even assisted me to call the witnesses at court. On 14/08/2063, the case was filed in the district court. I received all the legal assistance from Aawaaj. On 10/05/2064, the court decided the case and I received half of the property from my husband and the court decided that I would also be keeping both the children with me. I was so happy when it was decided. Now, I live a violence free life. I also have to utilize the earnings that I have earned. My both children go to school. They are also very happy to live with me.  Now, I have realized that if women are capable then she does not have to bear all the sufferings of her husband instead, she can sustain her own life and live happily being independent.

Ratna Pariyaar

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I am Ratna Pariyaar, 20 resident of Sanoshree-2, purnapur. I have my father, mother and brother in my maternal home. My maternal home is situated at Dodhari V.D.C. My brother had left home and was found only after 8 years. I was very good in studies and always stood first position in class. Though the financial condition of my family was weak I always tried my level best to continue my studies. I used to do labor work during my leisure hours. Suddenly one day, people from boy’s side came to see me with marriage proposal. I was not interested in getting married, but others advised me that the boy is educated, interested to work and will let her wife (me) to study after marriage. After knowing everything, my parents accepted the proposal and got me married to that person named ‘Rukumbir Pariyar’. There are only four members in my family my father-in-law, mother-in-law, me and my husband. Days passed by and then my ill fate also started. After five months of marriage I got to see and face actual behaviour of my husband. Then slowly, I came to know about my husband and his behaviours. My husband neither studied even nor had a job. He has not even studies up to grade 1, neither did he had any job instead he only was a labourer the one working in a daily wages.  Days gradually passed by and I came more close to hard days of life. I endured every single pain by smiling for the sake of my maternal home’s prestige and own sincere behaviour. Even when I was pregnant, I went to India and worked as labourer. After few months I gave birth to a baby girl .Days passed and my daughter grew gradually but my condition was all same. However, I continued my studies even by rearing hens, goats. I had to face different challenges even in terms my studies. My husband used to tear my books and copies and threw it. Even after this my interest in studies was never lost. I filled up private form for test examination (pre-SLC). My husband knew this and started beating me. Then I escaped to Mainapokhar. There I met one brother named ‘Mangal’. He counseled and advised me to get back .As soon I reached my husband beat me in the middle of the road. This lead to paralyze of my neck and left hand. Then I met a para counselor of Aawaaj named ‘Samundra Sister’. She advised me that to gather intellectuals of community and give counseling my husband. But I did not agree on her point as my husband is very proudy person. My husband left for India for 2/3 years. Then I gave my test exam. I passed my exam and filled up form for SLC Examination. My exam centre was placed at Radhakrishna Tharu Ma. Banglamukhi, Gularia. It is very far from Sanoshree VDC. Due to poor economy, I could not afford to manage daily transportation expenses. In such condition, para counselor sister Samudra recommended me to Aawaaj office. I felt that in search of stone I met a god. I gave my SLC examination staying at Aawaaj safe house. In the safe house a good environment was created for me where I could concentrate in my studies. There, I got to know and learn about various issues. Similarly, I was informed of different Organizations working for women welfare. I also got to know that if we do not have any mistakes we should not fear about nothing. I met one sister who had a similar problem as mine. Then I realized it is not only me in trouble, everyone has their own pain.

Now, I am returning my home. I have gathered strength within myself during a week stay at Aawaaj safe home. I would like to express hearty thanks to Aawaaj as it has listened problem and pain of poor people like us. Moreover I would like to thank Samundra Sister for her valuable support who informed and referred me to Aawaaj. Now I have planned to move further after passing my SLC examination.

No I cannot return now

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I was born in the lower economical class of Dailekh where there was an old saying that having more children that you have more prosperous you would be. For this reason my parents have lots of children. Our situation was really bad that we could hardly afford to survive for 6 months. It was so hard to survive that there never would be any question of getting education and other aspects of things that are really essential. I used to be so busy with the house hold and used to get jealous when my friends used to go to school with books in their hands.

I insisted my father that I also wanted to go to school. I was enrolled in class 1 when I was 9 years old. In spite of that I performed well and my teachers used to be really impressed. While I was in class 3 our school was closed because of the on going conflict between the Maoist and the state. While I was walking down the road a stranger approached and threatened that I can't go to school any more. That person also added that I have to help them. I was scared but could not express it to any one as there was no one at house at that moment.

As few days passed, I could not forget what happen. I was trying to be stable and live my normal life. As I returning home after celebrating "HOLI", a festival of colors with my friends, my mother was crying as Maoist were there to take me. I was lucky that I escaped and took refugee in my friend's house. After few days I ran to my sister's home in Surkhet. She insisted that I should continue my studies. I rejoined class 4 in a local school in Surkhet. Early days it was really hard to adjust, as days progressed I met and made lots of friends and started to enjoy.

As I reached class 7, a message from the home came that I should get married. At that time I was only 16 years old. As I got married it seemed like the dark days of my life had started. My husband was too protective and he even did not allow me to step out of the house. In addition to that he slowly started to become too suspicious. He started to abuse me verbally and physically. As it was off the limit I fled to my house and shared my disappointments with my parents. After few days my in-laws came to my house to meet me. I clearly said "no", I could not return now. While, I was in a process to get a divorce from my husband, I almost contacted a lawyer, but the community people said that I would not have to go through all the process instead I could do it in the village as well.

But while I returned to the village the "Panchayat" took all my belongings and then announced that I got a divorce from my husband. Then I had nothing from the side of my husband. As the days were hard to pass I met a cousin sister who had already received services from Aawaaj. She took me there and I had a conversation regarding what I could receive from the organization. After a repeated conversation, I decided that I want to take photography training and start a business.

I finished my three months training. While staying at the hostel and taking training I feel like I am a different person. I feel like I can transform all that I learn to all members of the community. I feel like I could also help other women like me in problems. Now I am earning