Success Stories

(All the names in the case study are changed name as per the publication rule and keeping in confidentiality of the client)

Positive Changes

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  • Community people and officials acknowledged the different programs and competition among marginalized children in CFS was first time conducted in the community. Parents and children are very much encouraged.
  • A mother of a child in Child Friend Spaces told her daughter did not want to go school. As she started to come to CFS center, she has showed her eagerness to go to school. Therefore, her mother admitted her at the school. Now days, she feel that her daughter is changing a lot. She shared everything with her mother such as CFS activities & her school activities. One-day mother went to her school & visited her class teacher and wanted to know something about her daughter. She found her daughter is very good and clever at the school. She can easily express any kinds of her feelings and experiences with mother. Nowadays, she helps her mother in household work too. Her mother is very happy to see the changes.
  • People realize that using vulgar words with children in CFS area has decreased.
  • The girl called kamala used to have a stealing habit. One-day facilitator's watch was stolen and she sold it in only 100 rupees, however it costs Rs. 1200. The facilitator tried to convince to return it but she did not. She used to go with the woman who sells alcohol and she was encouraged to drink. Therefore, facilitator encouraged not to have such habit. Now, she has agreed with the facilitator and has started to go to school as the facilitator enrolled her in class 3. She is now regular in school and left all those habits and involved in CFS activities.

Rudra Paudel
Jana Jagaran We Can Radio Listeners’ Club
Lati Koili - 1 Dhuliyabeat

Ganga has started to go to the school regularly these days. Earlier, her parents made her leave the school since she was discriminated as she was a girl. At the same time the financial condition of her family was also very poor. With the active lobbying and advocacy of the club she has been able to rejoin the school.

This “Jana Jagaran We Can Radio Listeners’ Club” has been established by the group of youths who have the feeling that they can do something from their level to end all kinds of violence on the women. They are active and energetic to do something in their communities for this cause. After its establishment, it has been able to actively involve in the advocacy and has been able to make changes in the society. The popular though that a girl gets married and goes to her husband’s house is the popular thought that is the main cause of the girls not being able to continue the school. We have advocated that a girl would be able to do lots of things if given the opportunity of education. We insisted that Ganga would be able to support her family as well as herself if she gets proper education. After listening to it, her parents agreed and sent her to the School.

I am a Change maker

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Before the year 2006, I was unfamiliar to ‘Aawaaj’. I had no idea on its working area, issues and priorities. One day, it was a Friday at 8:15 pm, I tuned on the regional transmission program of Radio Nepal, I heard of this program “We can”.

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Basanta is seven years old and is the youngest child of his parents. As a child he was very active and attractive. He had two elder sisters and one elder brother. His father was well educated and had finished bachelors in law. Similarly, he was very active in the politics too.

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