Success Stories

(All the names in the case study are changed name as per the publication rule and keeping in confidentiality of the client)

My name is Dilmaya Gaire, I was born 22 years ago in Surkhet district Birendranagar Municipality ward no-3. I was the youngest daughter of my parents. I have four eldest sister and two younger brothers. Due to poor economic condition of my house as well as more number of children my father and mother use to work in others places and my dad use to stitch the shoes, stone grinding, carry sand and other daily wages activities .We all brother sister used to study, when I was 7 years old my dad passed away. It was like problem after problem. We used to work more. My biggest brother gets married and stay away from house. I get an opportunity to study only till class 7 due to poor economic condition of my house. My sister and brother got married and went away. I got a responsibility to look after my mother, I used to go with my mother and help her in daily work. Due to old age my mother gets sick, when we referred to doctor, medical expenses were high and the village people were not willing to help for medical checkup.

When I used to see children’s of my age going to school wearing beautiful cloth I also for sometime want to forget all those pain and wants to ask my mother for all those fantasy, but those were all my dreams only. I did not get helping hand for my educational support from anywhere. My life was running like that only. I also became mature .Then I heard about self employment training provided by Aawaaj then I wrote the application and applied there and I got the stitching training. Due to the poor economic condition I was compelled to start the profession right after the completion of training, thus I started to grind stone and daily wedge to gather money to start the profession as soon as possible. I used to think that problem will never leave me; I applied for economic support in Aawaaj. Fortunately I got economic support of RS.8, 000 from Aawaaj in monthly installment. Now I have started my own shop in ward no-4 named, Maya tailor. I started making profit from my shop as most of the women have come there for stitching their clothes. As my business is running in profit
 I have hired 2 people in my shop; 200 to 300 is my daily profit. Now my mother has stopped working. And some time she helps me by staying in my tailor. My mother is really happy by seeing my profession. I have saved little amount in cooperative also. Now I am amazed that people of my community who used to deny me loans are now asking me for loan.
With the help provided by Aawaaj I have improved my living standards and I have also given opportunity to two people to live their life happily as well. I am happy that I am able to change the societal thought that women can’t do anything which I have proved wrong with my hard work.

Previously I have to ask others for financial help but now I ‘m able to support others. In this matter I am really happy. Before I used to get afraid of my problem but now a day I can easily tackle the problems. A community person also respects me and says that, I have progress lot. In coming day I want to continue this stitching profession and want to be the best and successful tutor and provide employment facility to the women’s form the society.

I am 25 years old Geeta Chaudhari. My house is in Dhodari VDC, Basanta. I did love marriage at the age of 15. My married life went smoothly only for few months. When I give birth to a daughter my husband began to behave more badly with me. He started beating me. He didn’t used to work even he didn’t used to care me and my daughter. It was really difficult for us to eat day and night.

I used to work in other house as domestic worker like cleaning the utensils and taking care of pregnant women in order to run the house. This used to be my only means to run the house; I also brought 2 bicycles but my husband sold both for the alcohol.

I have talked with my husband to go to India for work at that time he seems ready, thus I brought new clothes for him and give him ticket fair as well. My husband went to India but after reached there, he lost contact with me. I asked his friend about the contact address and called him .He scold me in the phone. He told me he had already married other women and told me to do whatever I like and go where ever I want. After listening that I was shocked. I tried hard to convince him but he never turn back. As time passes by, there was a guy named Ram Rana Magar in our village who seeing my problems asked me to get married with him. Finally we got married. After knowing my second marriage my first husband came back from India. My husband’s second wife had already left him.

Then my first husband beat ram and kick him out of house, I don’t know where ram went but I went to my maternal house. Then after, I started to work in Guleriya as a cook in one of the boarding school hostel. Time was passing by one day my first husband knows about my work place he came there and starts beating me with bamboo, no one stopped my husband while he was beating me. I lay unconsciously .I ran from there and came in the road, there one lady who saw me and gave me an idea to contact in Aawaaj.

With the help of Aawaaj I fill the form for check up and we went to police station. After Aawaaj informed the police the police have taken my husband in custody. But there police instead of supporting me they supported my husband and told me you have to have patience this Aawaaj destroys houses and family. They manipulated me. Then I distrust Aawaaj because I was afraid that I might get more beating from my husband after all this me and my husband both went to Aawaaj to fight.

There we meet a counselor. She puts us together and had an interaction, there they asked me about my last decision so I told them I want to live my life with my first husband because Ramu was unmarried men so I don’t want to destroy his life. Then my husband also said that he want to stay with her. Then we both said we will forget all the past life and we will start new life. Now we both are happy. The thing told by those police against Aawaaj was all wrong we were misinformed.

My name is Bhakti Prasad Acharya, resident of Neulapur -8 Bardiya. Before, I started to work for violence against women campaign; I was unable to recognize the pain of my own sister, mother and sister in law within my own house. But after I was involve in this campaign against violence ,I became aware of all philosophy of this campaign ,I came to know about the violence against women, then I realized and accept to change on my own behavior to bring change in society. I was also brought up in the patriarch society, where men are not one to do house hold chores, it’s the business of women only.
After attending the program I became the change maker in my society and walk in the campaign to reduce violence against women, I understand and realized  that violence not only damage ones house it destruct  the society and take the country to the downfall. Now I am helping my sister, mother and sister in law in house hold chores. My sisters were also deprived of education but now they are enrolled in school.

Before when my mother and sister in law undergoes menstruation they used to stay far from house without proper security, now I have changed this bad practice saying we have to give attention to sanitation ,these kind of bad practice can lead to various trouble. Now, they stay in house during menstruation not only this they have no problem in visiting kitchen also. Likewise these changes which I have brought in my house is been derivative to my neighbors they are also practicing this. This is self-satisfied and success for me. Now my house is within the process of transformation, this culture is followed by my neighbor, similarly tomorrow the whole nation can be transform, and I have that belief. I want to leave my simple poem for everyone.

Now, we have to fight against violence
Being Buddha we have to rise
To create the society free of violence
Be united and walk along.

I’m Kabita Thapa, 21 years, daughter of Sher Bahadur Thapa and Ganga Thapa, and I am fifth daughter of my parents. I was born in Dailekh district. When I was seven years old my father fell sick and due to his sickness he expired. My mother could not tolerate separation from my father that she lost her mental balance resulting her to be mentally sick. Even till date she has not got well and she lives, moves wherever she likes. Currently, I have six younger sister and 2 younger brothers. As I have studies only till grade two, I couldn’t support my family economically. After my father’s death my mother could not afford for my education, thus I could not continue my studies. All my younger sisters already got married but I am still supporting my mother. There is one saying that when no one’s there to support then there is god to supports them, in the same way, for the poor and helpless people Aawaaj supports them. I visited Aawaaj and sharing my problems with Aawaaj staff a ray of hope was developed in me and I got the opportunity to take three month tailoring training. Before this also I had dropped application to receive this training but my mother was sick that time so could not take training at that time. But this time I am going to properly utilize this opportunity and use this skill in my life. I have gathered strength to open tailor shop. I’ am planning to utilize the money for my mother’s medicine and also support my younger brothers and sisters if they needed. Timely Aawaaj conducts discussions programs and I participate in those programs as well, by participating in these discussion programs I have learned many things about violence. Many women are suffering from violence in one or the other form so we have to be aware and work together to end violence. From the training, I have learned to sew ladies clothes items.  I have decided to develop this skill and have promised myself to look positively ahead in future and utilize my skill to the fullest