Success Stories

(All the names in the case study are changed name as per the publication rule and keeping in confidentiality of the client)

My name is Amrita, resident of Surkhet, Uttarganga VDC; I’m middles daughter of my parents. I had to get married at the age of 13 with Mukunda Bahadur B.K from the same village. As I got married in small age my family and husband used to love and care me a lot in starting days, but  It only lasts till 7 months.

Slowly my family member’s attitude toward me begins to change, my husband began to scold me in small mistakes, and get angry easily. He even started blaming me for not being able to give birth to a child till 2 years of marriage. After 2 years I gave birth to a boy and hoped that after having baby he will change and be responsible father but the things didn’t turn out he did not even bother about son also. During my pregnancy I had to sleep without food also he did not help me a bit nor care during that period. He used to beat me whenever he likes but I still stayed and stick with him. After seeing my situation my maternal uncle gave me small land and there we made a small hut and settle down, after that also he did not stop torturing me. After he cross his limitation I couldn’t  control myself and I went to my maternal house and express all my sorrow there, they asked me to stay there only with them and suggested to get divorce with husband, I denied to do that so they referred me to Aawaaj and I went there and express my problem. After sharing my problem I felt my half problem is solved. I developed some self confidence; I request them to call my husband once for mediation. As per my request they called my husband and in present of two of us they did family mediation. After the staffs of Aawaaj convinced and explain my husband, he admitted and realized his mistake. He apologizes with me and asked me to forgive him. We went home after we both came in understanding. After 3 month of mediation Aawaaj sisters came to my house and they became happy after seeing us living happily together. We are happy with our new family life, nowadays both of us participate in programs of Aawaaj, and we even have referred 3 women with similar problem like mine to Aawaaj office.

Turning Point of My Life

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My name is Budini Tharu and I am 38 years old. I have been living in Neulapur VDC ward number 9 Godana Sukumbasi, I gave birth to four daughters and one son but now there are five members in my family including my husband, two of my daughter are already married. My family was big it was difficult for me to run the daily life from the money earned by my husband. It was difficult for me to gather copy-pencil for my kids. One day sister of my village suggest me to get help from Aawaaj, She had already participated in the Aawaaj program at its office thus, and me and my other 3 friends from our area went Aawaaj and asked for the support to farm pig. The organization agreed to provide us with one –one baby pig. After a month that baby pig given by the organization was sold at Rs.5, 300, from that profit I maintain ghatta and dam, and with the left money I again brought a baby pig, which was also sold at Rs 5,500 after one month and from that profit I again brought 3 small baby pigs, from ghatta it was easy to manage food for these pigs. Now a days my husband does daily wedges, I look after ghatta and pigs. It has became easy for us to manage our daily food as well as copy-pencil for the children’s at a same time, we are happy. I must say the support of Aawaaj and my hard work has made my life. I will never forget the support of Aawaaj which has brought light in our life.

My name is Tulsa a resident of Ranukhana of Dullu VDC- 6, Dailekh. I am 41 years old, all total there are 6 members in my family, Consisting husband, two sons, two daughters and I myself.

I did not have any income source. Since we own very less land, we could not even make two ends’ meet unless we toiled for others in the village. As my husband was elderly and sick, I had to toil hard on daily wage basis to manage the expenses for household and children’s studies.

In the course of time, I came to know of life skill training that was being conducted by Aawaaj, Dailekh in 2065 BS. I applied for it and got selected. I made active involvement in the training for an entire month and learnt skills of lunch/snacks preparation. After the training, I started the same business at Vijaya Higher Secondary School, Dullu with the financial help of Rs. 1500 from Aawaaj, Dailekh.

I acquired Rs. 8000 from Aawaaj, Dailekh under re-financial assistance program for the ones who were successful in conducting lunch/snacks business in 2010 April 1st. I had been making more income by enlarging the business due to ever rising motivation of enhancing business. Besides income generation out of the financial assistance, timely trainings including life skill development, business oriented development rights of the women has increased personal development capability of segregating good and bad. Family members and neighbors have started perceiving me respectfully. My involvement in social institutions has also increased and I am the chairperson of local Shree Janakalyan Aama Samuha of Dullu 6 at present. I am   been saving Rs 50 each in three groups. I conducted my business laboriously which has helped me live my life on my own these days. I earns around Rs 300 to 400 daily. I had already returned the loan to the organization which I had taken while starting my business. I own 3 goats and a four-roomed house now. I am   been managing the expenses for children’s studies, household ones and savings in three different women groups out of the income from my business. I can never forget Aawaaj for the efforts it made for taking me to this point since beginning. Thanks to Aawaaj for everything.

It was a whole new experience for me. To be born in a conservative and gender discriminatory society as a girl has been a hard thing. I wanted to prove to the society that there is nothing a girl can’t do, she only needs an opportunity. I have my gratitude to Aawaaj which has given me the support that I received for orientation, training on CSA, child rights and got opportunity to interact with parents, teachers and district stakeholders. Apart from that, I gained confidence. I am aware about the issues related to sexual abuse and violence, trafficking. A lot of changes have occurred in me after the training. Those children who went to training they used to give orientation at their respective children group during the meeting. I am motivated to help other girls like me hence I always have and will always have good wishes for Aawaaj safety of children. I hope it will be able to help as many girls like me to become self reliant and confident. There are not enough words to express how thankful I am towards the Aawaaj for helping me to come out. I have also started to work as a change maker for my society – A girl in Surkhet.