I Promised To Look Positively Ahead In Future and Utilize Skills To The Fullest

I’m Kabita Thapa, 21 years, daughter of Sher Bahadur Thapa and Ganga Thapa, and I am fifth daughter of my parents. I was born in Dailekh district. When I was seven years old my father fell sick and due to his sickness he expired. My mother could not tolerate separation from my father that she lost her mental balance resulting her to be mentally sick. Even till date she has not got well and she lives, moves wherever she likes. Currently, I have six younger sister and 2 younger brothers. As I have studies only till grade two, I couldn’t support my family economically. After my father’s death my mother could not afford for my education, thus I could not continue my studies. All my younger sisters already got married but I am still supporting my mother. There is one saying that when no one’s there to support then there is god to supports them, in the same way, for the poor and helpless people Aawaaj supports them. I visited Aawaaj and sharing my problems with Aawaaj staff a ray of hope was developed in me and I got the opportunity to take three month tailoring training. Before this also I had dropped application to receive this training but my mother was sick that time so could not take training at that time. But this time I am going to properly utilize this opportunity and use this skill in my life. I have gathered strength to open tailor shop. I’ am planning to utilize the money for my mother’s medicine and also support my younger brothers and sisters if they needed. Timely Aawaaj conducts discussions programs and I participate in those programs as well, by participating in these discussion programs I have learned many things about violence. Many women are suffering from violence in one or the other form so we have to be aware and work together to end violence. From the training, I have learned to sew ladies clothes items.  I have decided to develop this skill and have promised myself to look positively ahead in future and utilize my skill to the fullest