I Have That Belief That Tomorrow The Whole Nation Will Transform

My name is Bhakti Prasad Acharya, resident of Neulapur -8 Bardiya. Before, I started to work for violence against women campaign; I was unable to recognize the pain of my own sister, mother and sister in law within my own house. But after I was involve in this campaign against violence ,I became aware of all philosophy of this campaign ,I came to know about the violence against women, then I realized and accept to change on my own behavior to bring change in society. I was also brought up in the patriarch society, where men are not one to do house hold chores, it’s the business of women only.
After attending the program I became the change maker in my society and walk in the campaign to reduce violence against women, I understand and realized  that violence not only damage ones house it destruct  the society and take the country to the downfall. Now I am helping my sister, mother and sister in law in house hold chores. My sisters were also deprived of education but now they are enrolled in school.

Before when my mother and sister in law undergoes menstruation they used to stay far from house without proper security, now I have changed this bad practice saying we have to give attention to sanitation ,these kind of bad practice can lead to various trouble. Now, they stay in house during menstruation not only this they have no problem in visiting kitchen also. Likewise these changes which I have brought in my house is been derivative to my neighbors they are also practicing this. This is self-satisfied and success for me. Now my house is within the process of transformation, this culture is followed by my neighbor, similarly tomorrow the whole nation can be transform, and I have that belief. I want to leave my simple poem for everyone.

Now, we have to fight against violence
Being Buddha we have to rise
To create the society free of violence
Be united and walk along.