Good Counseling Gave Me The Courage To Choose Right Path

I am 25 years old Geeta Chaudhari. My house is in Dhodari VDC, Basanta. I did love marriage at the age of 15. My married life went smoothly only for few months. When I give birth to a daughter my husband began to behave more badly with me. He started beating me. He didn’t used to work even he didn’t used to care me and my daughter. It was really difficult for us to eat day and night.

I used to work in other house as domestic worker like cleaning the utensils and taking care of pregnant women in order to run the house. This used to be my only means to run the house; I also brought 2 bicycles but my husband sold both for the alcohol.

I have talked with my husband to go to India for work at that time he seems ready, thus I brought new clothes for him and give him ticket fair as well. My husband went to India but after reached there, he lost contact with me. I asked his friend about the contact address and called him .He scold me in the phone. He told me he had already married other women and told me to do whatever I like and go where ever I want. After listening that I was shocked. I tried hard to convince him but he never turn back. As time passes by, there was a guy named Ram Rana Magar in our village who seeing my problems asked me to get married with him. Finally we got married. After knowing my second marriage my first husband came back from India. My husband’s second wife had already left him.

Then my first husband beat ram and kick him out of house, I don’t know where ram went but I went to my maternal house. Then after, I started to work in Guleriya as a cook in one of the boarding school hostel. Time was passing by one day my first husband knows about my work place he came there and starts beating me with bamboo, no one stopped my husband while he was beating me. I lay unconsciously .I ran from there and came in the road, there one lady who saw me and gave me an idea to contact in Aawaaj.

With the help of Aawaaj I fill the form for check up and we went to police station. After Aawaaj informed the police the police have taken my husband in custody. But there police instead of supporting me they supported my husband and told me you have to have patience this Aawaaj destroys houses and family. They manipulated me. Then I distrust Aawaaj because I was afraid that I might get more beating from my husband after all this me and my husband both went to Aawaaj to fight.

There we meet a counselor. She puts us together and had an interaction, there they asked me about my last decision so I told them I want to live my life with my first husband because Ramu was unmarried men so I don’t want to destroy his life. Then my husband also said that he want to stay with her. Then we both said we will forget all the past life and we will start new life. Now we both are happy. The thing told by those police against Aawaaj was all wrong we were misinformed.