Now I’m Able to Generate Employment To Other Women As Well!!

My name is Dilmaya Gaire, I was born 22 years ago in Surkhet district Birendranagar Municipality ward no-3. I was the youngest daughter of my parents. I have four eldest sister and two younger brothers. Due to poor economic condition of my house as well as more number of children my father and mother use to work in others places and my dad use to stitch the shoes, stone grinding, carry sand and other daily wages activities .We all brother sister used to study, when I was 7 years old my dad passed away. It was like problem after problem. We used to work more. My biggest brother gets married and stay away from house. I get an opportunity to study only till class 7 due to poor economic condition of my house. My sister and brother got married and went away. I got a responsibility to look after my mother, I used to go with my mother and help her in daily work. Due to old age my mother gets sick, when we referred to doctor, medical expenses were high and the village people were not willing to help for medical checkup.

When I used to see children’s of my age going to school wearing beautiful cloth I also for sometime want to forget all those pain and wants to ask my mother for all those fantasy, but those were all my dreams only. I did not get helping hand for my educational support from anywhere. My life was running like that only. I also became mature .Then I heard about self employment training provided by Aawaaj then I wrote the application and applied there and I got the stitching training. Due to the poor economic condition I was compelled to start the profession right after the completion of training, thus I started to grind stone and daily wedge to gather money to start the profession as soon as possible. I used to think that problem will never leave me; I applied for economic support in Aawaaj. Fortunately I got economic support of RS.8, 000 from Aawaaj in monthly installment. Now I have started my own shop in ward no-4 named, Maya tailor. I started making profit from my shop as most of the women have come there for stitching their clothes. As my business is running in profit
 I have hired 2 people in my shop; 200 to 300 is my daily profit. Now my mother has stopped working. And some time she helps me by staying in my tailor. My mother is really happy by seeing my profession. I have saved little amount in cooperative also. Now I am amazed that people of my community who used to deny me loans are now asking me for loan.
With the help provided by Aawaaj I have improved my living standards and I have also given opportunity to two people to live their life happily as well. I am happy that I am able to change the societal thought that women can’t do anything which I have proved wrong with my hard work.

Previously I have to ask others for financial help but now I ‘m able to support others. In this matter I am really happy. Before I used to get afraid of my problem but now a day I can easily tackle the problems. A community person also respects me and says that, I have progress lot. In coming day I want to continue this stitching profession and want to be the best and successful tutor and provide employment facility to the women’s form the society.