My Journey Towards Independency

My name is Deepa Shahi. I live in Latikoili V.D.C, Naya Ghursha. I am ignored by my husband and my family also left me alone. In this condition I only have my tears as my friend. My struggle started from my childhood, this became a prominent reason that I could not move ahead in life. When I saw the children of the rich family going to school, even I wanted to join school. I requested my parents to admit me in school, but this could not happen, I was said that girls should not be going to school and only my brothers were send to school. So, then I joined informal class, during day time I was engaged in household and in the evening studies. Completing 9 months of informal class I got admitted in grade 5. When I stepped 18 years of age, my father arranged my marriage.  As I was physically weak I requested my father to postponed my marriage but my voice was not heard and was forced to get married with the person whom I did not liked and that my husband is 15 years older than me and he already had married previously and left the previous wife. Also the family I was married is very poor and we had to work in others house to meet our daily basic needs. When I asked for simple of my needs I was scolded stating that I have to earn for my need. There used to be constant quarrel in the home and I was scolded and insulted for no good reasons. For this I used to escape to my maternal home time to time. This situation really troubled me and I was wondering what to do, one evening while I was listening to radio I heard the program of Aawaaj, which stated that I will help the women in need and affected from various problems. I even came to know that one of my friends was supported by Aawaaj so with a dim hope of receiving some help I visited Aawaaj. I was lucky that I got the opportunity to take three months tailoring training. Within the training period I’ am able to sew vest, petticoat, half pant, gown, kurta-salwar, frock. As a part of training period various discussion programs related to the issues of domestic violence such as its effect, its solution, about child marriage, discrimination etc are also conducted, which has enlightened me. In future, I want to develop my skills and also help others by teaching what I have learned.