I’ll Be Always Thankful to Aawaaj

I’m Shanti B.C. resident of Latikoile, Surkhet, My husband use to neglected me frequently when we were together then I started living in the Chaudhari premises. I have one son with me. I was deprived from any kind of support from my husband’s family, to get Justice I approached Aawaaj for help and filed a case for divorce. At that time I was running Ghumti shop but it was less profitable, very hard to run daily life and send my son to school. In the shop there were no goods to sell also so I applied to Aawaaj asking for support. After that, Aawaaj supported me by giving 1% profit and 2000 worth goods to run the shop. Now I’m running my life and shop successfully by the profit I make and also can send my son to school. On 2066/7/19 I applied to Aawaaj for economic support for running Ghumti shop, I was provided Rs 2000 as an economic support from Aawaaj. I’ll be always grateful to Aawaaj for its support