I’m Economically Strong Now Due to the Motivation of Aawaaj

I am Kamala Rokaya, spouse of the middle brother among total three in the household residing at Kharigaira in Dailekh district. I have two sons. Born in a lower class family, I got married in 2000 AD. My husband had to go to India due to weak economic condition of the house. On the other hand, due to poverty, I had disputes over simple matters with other family members. My weak physical condition and my husband’s frequent abroad visit had created problem in the household. In the meantime, I opened a cosmetic shop at Dailekh Bazaar in 2066 BS with the help of maternal home and my sisters. As village dwellers, we felt it quite difficult in the market place. In the meantime, I heard that Aawaaj helped poor women affected from violence. I ventured about the Aawaaj and the way it had been helping the family. The staffs of the Aawaaj assured to help me identifying my condition as it helped the poor women like us.

 At first, it was difficult to operate the shop. The daily transaction used to be from Rs 100 to 200. Aawaaj supported to extend my cosmetic shop. Nowadays, the transaction has comparatively increased up to 1000 to 1200 rupees daily, making almost Rs 250 to 300 net profits. I am taking care of my children and managing household expenses out of the income. The perception of other family members towards me has changed. My husband is caring for the household. My husband’s condition is also changed too much, such as: He has been helping on household works and sends children to school. My father and mother-in-laws also visit and care for us. I am getting love from everywhere. I have already cleared my debt in three installments from the income of the shop. I would like to thank Aawaaj for identifying my problem and helping me, though little. I came to know many things about violence against women. I can never forget Aawaaj in my life as I earn more money because of the help I got from the Aawaaj.