My New Identity as an Embroidery Designer Shanti Kahti

I’m Shantii Khati, 17 year; I’m a resident of Madamadpur V.D.C. Three years before when there was battle between the Maoist and the security personnel near my house, I was in my home when accidently the bullet got into my leg and I was heavily injured and had a big wound in my leg, which resulted me to be physically challenged. I was already married that time but I had not gone to husband’s home as the process of “gauna” was still left. My misfortune let me to be physically challenged. Also, my husband had some family problem and taking poison he committed suicide.

Currently, I am leaving in my maternal home and my father is a farmer, so he works in the field. Economic condition of family is also not enough to run the household.  I did not have any skills so as to do any work. One day one of the Aawaaj staff, Chameli sister informed me about the training that Aawaaj provides. As, I am from the Madeshi community, in the initial days I had difficulty in getting out form the house and also, I was scared and nervous to go out form the home.
Within few days after receiving the information about the training, I participated in the four days preliminary training for the first time in my life. Participating in the training, I came to know about various things such as one has to take initiation to move ahead positively in life, we should not be discouraged in any of the circumstances in life, if we take initiation we can surely get success in life. Attending this training I developed confidence and hope learn skill and utilize it so that I can make my life better, so I gave application for the training of embroidery.

Currently, I am taking embroidery training. Now I have learned to make 16 designs of embroidery. There is a great significance of embroidery in our community “Madeshi community”. People prefer the embroidery designed cloths during the time of marriage, puja and other special functions. I have informed to people that I can do embroidery and in the initial days I will start my work designing the embroidery in the cloths of my village people. I wish to move ahead in my life.