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Aawaaj, is a Non-Governmental and non- profit Organization, registered at District Administration Office at Surkhet, Birendranagar in 1999 by Irada Gautam with joint initiatives of professionals with strong hope to demonstrate capacity against violence and discrimination of children and women in Midwestern region, Nepal.

In 1999 the sexual and domestic violence of young children and women had not discussed openly. Although increasing instances of abuse were being reported in newspapers in urban areas, there was a tendency of denying and concealing different forms of violence by the family and community at large in rural areas.

Aawaaj open new paths that helped to promote positive culture of solidarity and constructive grow at the individual, family and community level. Community support groups are functioning and act as a community based monitoring system against all forms of gender based violence and promote peace in the families and communities. At present Aawaaj has good connection at local, provincial and central government for a healthy and non-violent environment in Karnali Province Nepal. Staffs are competent to build, maintain networks and to work in collaboration with government authorities, local groups and communities. Aawaaj has always been mainstreaming gender equality and social inlcusion in its program and keep gender disaggregated data of our beneficiaries and stakeholders.

Aawaaj has experience working on access health, education and livelihood, Access sexual and reproductive health rights, Vocational training / IGA support, Value chain, Training on gender issues, birth registration campaign, Entrepreneurship and Life Skills training and others;

  • Campaign against early child marriage for the prevention and response
  • Strong linkages /coordination and collaboration with government
  • Building capacity of IGA groups with Micro Finance/cooperative/self-help groups, agriculture, veterinary group and support to registration in different government structures as per the government policy, follow-up service and regular business counseling for the establishment business and run
  • Support to make business plan, to explore market production materials that will be best used of local raw materials and resources
  • Regular dialogue between service providers and beneficiaries to access quality services on health, education to marginalized families.

(Geographical) Areas

Whole Karnali Province, Lumbini Province – Bardiya, Contact office in Kathmandu

Population Targeted

Marginalised community- girls group, children, women, youth group, parents and its networks, local stakeholders, teachers, local authorities , hospital and health centers

Civil society engagement

Aawaaj has strong network at National, province and Local level and have good relationship with all civil society at local and national level.

Executive Board Member: Seven (7) As per gender, Female = 6, Male = 1

HR Capacity:

Total full time Staff : 45. As per gender: Female = 35, Male = 10

Our organization team has been led by the representation of women, ( 90%) and 10 % is men.

Total Part time staff: 70

Target Beneficiaries

Target Beneficiaries

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