Major Work of Organization – Aawaaj

Major Work of Organization

Major Work of Organization

Aawaaj has been focused on gender based violence –its prevention and response, women rights, child protection, education, health, child rights, and livelihoods through community empowerment programs. We do Identification of Community Groups and Structures, Facilitation of marginalized people, community leaders ( girls, boys, youth, women, men group )

Aawaaj mobilize communities to ensure access justice, and quality of services in package i.e. health, education, and livelihoods. Likewise, Aawaaj ensure that girls and women are protected against all forms of discrimination, violence, abuse and harmful practices by creating awareness, strengthening systems and mechanisms at the community level, district level and do advocacy for better policies to protect child rights and women rights.

Aawaaj facilitate to access government services ( health, education ) easily and also strengthen and enhance the capacity of citizen especially the marginalized, vulnerable, Dalit, ethnic group, girls and women to ensure easy and equitable access in public good and services. Aawaaj believes that ensuring engagement with communities and among parents will lead to better health, education and violence free society.

At Karnali Province; we are coordinating women human rights defenders, also played secretarial role for 2nd election of constitutional assembly in Surkhet, and member of various human rights alliance. Aawaaj acts merely as a facilitator in the process of project implementation and developing the capacity of community people. We believe that every member of community can be an active change agent in process and encourage them to fulfill their responsibilities on social issues. We are also Building capacity of Duty bearers, community groups to access health, education, livelihood and for the prevention, respond and management of the GBV survivors.,