Vision, Mission, Goal and Objectives – Aawaaj

Vision, Mission, Goal and Objectives

Vision, Mission, Goal and Objectives

Vision of the organization

“Violence free society”


Our Mission is to eradicate all forms of discrimination, gender based violence through the process of economic and social empowerment and will contribute towards creating an enabling environment and prosperous society for women, children, youth , senior citizens, people with disability, gender and sexual minority group and marginalized community.

Strategic Goal

Our goal will lead to Gender equitable and sustainable development, fulfilling the rights and improving the lives of poor, vulnerable and socially excluded groups. This involve minimum 420000 people of targeted community in awareness activities, economic uplift, educational opportunities, child helpline support, safe house service, psychosocial counseling, mediation, reintegration and legal services to eliminate sexual harassment, early marriage, gender discrimination and gender based violence and human trafficking in the society.

Strategic Objectives of the organization
  1. At the end of this strategic period, minimum 350000 women, vulnerable women and children will able to live with their safe and dignified life through awareness activities and psychosocial counselling service.
  2. Similarly, minimum 30000 children and guardians of target community will be able to promote and continuity to their learning process in formal and informal educational activities through parent awareness and livelihood support programs, awareness and training activities.
  3. Likewise, 30000 violence affected and vulnerable youth, women of target community will be able to live economically strong life through livelihood support program.
  4. In the same way, 20000 people of target community will able to live with secure and easy life through getting information about natural and social disaster and receiving relief supports and services from government and service providers.
  5. Equally, this organization will be known all over the Nepal as an equipped, resourceful, strong resource institution which works in the area of women and children.

Five themes of the organization for five years
  1. Safety and protection
  2. Formal and informal education
  3. Livelihood
  4. Natural and social disaster
  5. Institutional Development

Programming Principles