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Community Support Mechanisms (CSM)

Community Support Mechanisms (CSM)

Who are the members of CSM?

Men, women, social leaders, political leaders, school teachers, youths and children are the members of community support groups and they are representative of various groups existed in community such as women group, agriculture group, forest user’s group, mothers group, political leaders, teachers, youth and child club.

Why CSM groups are formed?

  1. To create social mobilization against violence of children and women
  2. To promote culture of supporting vulnerable/abused children and women
  3. To avoid stigmatization and blame to women and children that faced violence

The activities that are carried out by CSM group are follows:

  • Raise awareness in the community.
  • Support the women and children in providing emotional support and help them to access services (safe place and safe person) in each community are promoted for threatened or abused children and women. For serious type of violence, they are referred to the temporary crisis support center.
  • Identify children and women in the community who are most seriously in need.
  • Decide those who will benefit from educational support, vocational training and Income generation activities targeted for vulnerable or who have faced violence.
  • Organize group discussion and find solution. Sharing with others give some relief and hope, particularly when discussion is part of the culture.
  • Campaigning- lobbying, advocacy, work as pressure group
  • Organize community mediation.
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