Mediation – Aawaaj
Community Mediation


Mediation is done to manage for the minor degree of violence in the community and family. Once the mediation process proceeds and understanding between the two parties is made along with community then the person affected will return to their own place. Following are the steps followed in the mediation process.

  1. First step: Identifying the concern person
  2. Informal interaction
  3. Problem Identification


  • Have to listen actively the problem of problem faced people.
  • When the problem faced people are sharing their problem in between mediator should shake their head by saying “yes …yes”. go on”
  • Mediator have to support the client by saying you mean to say this….in odd situation where client is not able to express.
  • Mediator should summarized the first party problem or client problem by saying this are the thought of first party now let’s listen the second party , mention the main point and listen them actively and mediator should shake his or her head saying “yes …yes” and summarized the points at last.
  • For the problem faced people identifying the problem at first its affect and informed about its effect.
  • Mediator should prioritize the good point of both parties and should repeat them.
  • Mediator should encourage both to come in conclusion by identifying their weakness and make them realize that it is their problem, what are yours hidden interest, take decision on how to solve problem.
  • Mediator should not show biasness to either party. Should behave equally.
  • Create win -win situation for both parties, if they both are not agree mediator should not force them to take decision.
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