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Success Stories

Story 16: Separation due to Caste Discrimination

Manisha B.K( name changed) is 26 years old. Manisha was born as the youngest daughter to father Bhim Bahadur B.K. and mother Mani B.K. in Surkhet District, Panchapuri Municipality, Ward No. 9. Her family brought her up pretty well as she was the youngest daughter of the family. Manisha passed her S.L.C. exams at a […]

Story 17: Rape of 6 girls by a teenager

………….is a 15-year-old teenager living in Surkhet District, Panchapuri Municipality, Ward No……………… He was staying home on holiday, as he had just completed his SEE examinations. It was the month of July, and all the children stayed at home because the school was closed due to the rainy season. As it was also the farming […]

Story 2: Feeling better and happy

Sita (Changed name), a girl, 15 years old, student of class 10, belongs to lower class family. There are 5 members in her family. Her father is mentally retarded from long time as well as her mother is suffering from uterus prolapse. Also her younger sister has been suffering from kidney problem. Her family economy […]

Story 3: Anything is possible

Sandhya’s family has enact the idea that sons and daughters should be equal.Sandhya is currently studying in class 10, she is 15 years old and has 1 brother and mother, and it has been 5 years since her dad left home after his second marriage. They are waiting for the father to come. Her mother […]

Story 4: “Indeed we are grateful”

Rinu Tarami is now 15 years old. Rinu has a family of 5 living in Birendranagar Municipality Ward No. 2 Sagarmatha Tole. Her Father works as a mason, mother works at home and also runs a retail shop. Her brother is only 8 years old and her mother also helps her in the housework, so […]

Story 5: My Happiness

Sita B.K (changed name) is living at Bheri municipality ward no 1, Rawat Gaun at Jajarkot district. She was born in 2038 BS. She has a father named Dumbar Bhahadur Sarki and mother Suntali Sarki at Surkhet district. Sita is now 41 years old. She is the eldest daughter of the family. Sita was straightforward. […]

Story 9: Abusive Marriage

Situ Rawal is 27 years old. She was born in India. Her father and mother were born in Nepal and had been living in India to work. She was born in Allahabad, India as the first child of her parents. Situ completed her schooling at the age of 17 in India. Later, she came to […]

Story 10: A turning point for Meena

Meena, a resident of Surkhet, Ward No. 8 is just 16 years old. Currently, she and her brother are the only ones in the home, since her only elder sister went to her home at Bardiya after her marriage. When Meena was young, her father used to go to India to work and take care […]

Story 11: Violence Free Maya

Surkhet District Panchapuri Municipality Ward No. 9, a member of the Laligurans women’s group living in Lower Biju, Maya Thapa was born in Choukunai village. Many years ago, Maya had a child marriage with Deepak Thapa at the age of 13 due to the fact that there were many daughters in her family. Currently, there […]