Story 4: “Indeed we are grateful” – Aawaaj

Story 4: “Indeed we are grateful”

Story 4: “Indeed we are grateful”

Rinu Tarami is now 15 years old. Rinu has a family of 5 living in Birendranagar Municipality Ward No. 2 Sagarmatha Tole. Her Father works as a mason, mother works at home and also runs a retail shop. Her brother is only 8 years old and her mother also helps her in the housework, so with the help of Aawaaj, she has also reared 3 goats. When Rinu was studying in class 9, she met with Sapana who was studying in class 7 in the same school whose behavior and personality was like of the boy. Because of this, the family did not allow Rinu to associate with Sapna. They started to talk when there was no one around them. All of them started discussing about them because of this behavior of others, she thought like a man and sapana named herself Raja.

One day they ran away from home and went to Nepalganj to stay with their relatives. With the help of police and 1098 Child Helpline Surkhet, she was rescued from Nepalgunj after 5 days and after a week of counseling, Rinu went to her family but Sapna did not feel comfortable going to that society and after 1 month she went with her mother.

Now Rinu is studying in class 10th but in the family, her father drinks alcohol and talks indiscriminately, often talks about her relationship with Sapna and beats her if she says anything. So the psychiatrist has been providing continuous family counseling services to Rinu and her family.

Rinu took the help of the child helpline service when she was fed up with some of the family. Rinu, who has learned various skill development trainings and positive thinking skills, aims to become a nurse and also participates in extracurricular activities at school, and is busy preparing for SEE.

Aawaaj counselor discussed Rinu’s studies and her future with her father and mother as per the need. Now their family is happy.

During the consultation, Rinu’s father said, “I am very worried about my daughter’s future. When I hear about the incidents that have happened to women and girls in the society, I don’t want to leave the children even for a moment, but what can I do without earning enough to eat. Even at work, I like to call her two or three times a day, but to my daughter I am not able to explain my point. The Aawaaj did a significant job, thank you very much.”