Story 8: The girl after child marriage was again returned to her own home – Aawaaj

Story 8: The girl after child marriage was again returned to her own home

Story 8: The girl after child marriage was again returned to her own home

Chandra B.K., who is now 13 years old, she witnessed her father physically abusing her mother at her early age, leading to her mother leaving the household and remarrying. Since then, Chandra has been raised by her grandmother.

Aawaaj-Breaking the SilenceAfter some time, her father also remarried and moved to India. A few months later, her grandmother passed away, leaving her all alone. She then went to live with her uncle’s family. When her uncle and aunt also went to India, she was left with her grandfather and two brothers in the house. Despite having to manage all the household chores, she still made time for school, where she was studying in the fifth grade.

On the 10th of Baisakh, 2080, a neighbor insisted that Chandra marry her 17-year-old brother, Hikmat. One morning at 4 am, this neighbor called her brother and helped him take Chandra to Chaukune. This incident was only noticed by the Namuna Child group at 2 pm. They promptly informed the Chetansil Women’s Group members about the situation. The Women’s Group then alerted the police, public representatives, and some activists. Later, three members of the Women’s Group, accompanied by Chandra’s brother, went to Chaukune to search for her.

They found Chandra and the boy, and informed the boy’s family that both of them were not of right age for marriage, and that such a marriage was illegal and considered child marriage, as girls under 20 years of age are not eligible for marriage. They stated that they were there to take the girl back with them. However, the boy’s family did not allow Chandra to return.

They called the police, who promptly visited the family. The police explained to the boy’s family about the legal age for marriage for both males and females. After that, Chandra was taken back to her uncle’s house, where she is continuing her studies. She is also a member of the child group and participates in their monthly meetings regularly. Additionally, she is regularly visited by a social mobilizer.

Chandra’s bravery and determination through tough times is truly inspiring. Despite everything, she’s stayed strong and focused on her education and community. Her story shows how important it is to support and stand up for young girls like her.