Story 9: Abusive Marriage – Aawaaj

Story 9: Abusive Marriage

Story 9: Abusive Marriage

Situ Rawal is 27 years old. She was born in India. Her father and mother were born in Nepal and had been living in India to work. She was born in Allahabad, India as the first child of her parents. Situ completed her schooling at the age of 17 in India. Later, she came to Nepal to visit her maternal family. WhileSitu was in Nepal, she got acquainted with a person working in the Nepal Army nearby. After getting to know each other for a while, both confessed that they liked each other. Within 15 days of her arrival in Nepal,Situ got married. Her husband was 11 years older than her. Moreover,Situ later got to know that her husband had left his previous wife before he married her.

WhenSitu was 18 years old, she gave birth to a son. Her husband was working in the army and she was taking care of the household along with her son.Situ’s husband was very strict with her as he didn’t let her use the phone or Facebook. He didn’t even let her talk to anyone and even forbade her from going to her relative’s home during any festivals. Later, the husband even started suspectingSitu of having affairs and made false accusations, beating and torturing her when he came home on vacation.Situ tolerated everything for the sake of her son and a decade-long marriage, hoping the husband would become understanding one day. But the husband never understood and kept on using violence against herSitu was very depressed and even tried to commit suicide by hanging on the ceiling fan. However, her husband found out and saved her.

One day whenSitu felt like she couldn’t tolerate anymore, she called her mother and father and explained everything.Situ told her parents that she could not live together with her husband anymore. Unfortunately, the economic condition ofSitu’s parents was very weak and they did not know the legal processes in Nepal. Later, when some of the community people informedSitu and her parents of Aawaaj Nepal, they came to Aawaaj to seek help.

After coming to Aawaaj Nepal,Situ got counselling from the psychotherapist.Situ shared all of her problems during the session and pleaded that, she could die from all the beatings from her husband, therefore she wanted to separate from him. The counsellor gave her advice on the legal processes and Aawaaj Nepal later proceeded with the litigation process for divorce. Currently, the divorce case has already gotten a hearing. After the divorce,Situ shared that she felt she was free from all the mental and physical suffering. Currently,Situ is living with her parents in India.